About Us


Aerllp is on a mission to redefine the skyline of Chennai freshly augmenting boutique projects in the heart of the Chennai city.

We are a brand that crafts the best in our domain, we aim for that. We’d love to see your generations thrive in the abode we carefully craft to perfection.

Our relationship with what we’ve built, and who we attract to live there, is a lifelong commitment and our search for the best day after day shall not cease.

Our vision, right from day one, is to be the go-to name for habitat seekers looking for beautiful living spaces with an edge that meets their persona. That’s what we deliver, by focusing on service, quality, innovation and staying in tune with the state-of-the-art in technology. We strive for excellence while staying rooted to our core values of ethical business practices, responsibility and commitment to the community .

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